Smash table tennis in English

We are an active and constantly developing club located in Eastern Helsinki!

Weekly group coaching is available for children, teens  and adults at Smash Center in Helsinki.

Junior coaching is intended for 7-17 year olds who practice in level groups. There are groups from beginners to competitive groups. In the coaching, you learn table tennis racket and ball control skills, hitting techniques, game rules and tactics.

Adult coaching is open to players of all levels. The training groups are divided into levels, which makes it possible to tailor the exercises according to the level of the players more individually.

In addition, we have regular events organized in our premises - beginners courses, game nights, competitions etc. Our coach (Alexander Dyroff) is a professional coach and can help you develop your table tennis skills in total of six languages: finnish, english, german, french, swedish and russian. 

Welcome to Smash!


Smash & Club TTC Epperthausen (GER) players during training weekend 5/2024