Table tennis coaching for adults at Smash Center 12 August 2024 - 1 June 2025


Welcome to the table tennis adult coaching groups! We organize coaching for adults a total of five days a week.

In the training, table tennis is practiced in a variety of ways and we learn, for example, bat and ball control skills, hitting techniques as well as game rules and tactical subtleties.

In the training, we also learn about things related to the culture of the sport, setting up tables and nets, and refereeing.

Welcome to our activities! In the 2023-2024 season, more than 40 enthusiastic players participated every week and our activity is growing strongly! At the end of 2023, we were the table tennis association's 9th largest club in terms of licenses.

Jesse Kiljunen

Our activities are open to players of all levels - our adult group is divided into four levels (see player path above) so that everyone can find training partners of a suitable level and so that we can tailor exercises more individually according to the level of the players. The maximum size of the groups is 10 players per group. We have players from beginners to the national top - you can find suitable training buddies with us! We encourage coaching players to participate in our internal game events, courses and competitive activities. I

Wee are involved in several teams in the Finnish Table Tennis Association (SPTL) series. You can find more information about competition activities here and event activities here.

Competing players train together with the Juniors who play in the competition in some practices.

When registering, we ask you to define the level of play - Through the assessment of the level of play, we are able to offer a group of the most suitable level. If you're wondering about your own level of play, or if we have a player of a suitable level -> Smash's practices have players from beginners all the way up to players with a national Top 20 ranking!

The coach is experienced professional table tennis coach Alexander Dyroff. Our main coaching and information language is Finnish, but Alexander can coach in a total of six languages: Finnish, German, English, Swedish, French, Russian.

Adult coaching is organized on Smash Center's badminton court 1, where we have 4-5 tables.  If necessary, we also use other rooms in the hall for training.

Adult group training times season 2024-2025

One training session for adults lasts 1.5 hours.

Training groups for adults will be established for the following intervals according to demand.

  • Monday 17:45 - 21:30
  • Wednesday 17:45 - 21:30
  • Thursday 18:00 - 21:30
  • Friday 17:00 - 19:30
  • Saturday 13:30 - 16:00

There may also be exercises at other times. The training times of the groups are defined according to the registrations and the players' levels. The maximum number of players per group is 10 players.

Price list:

  • 1 time / 1.5h/week: €10.50/h (=€15.75/time)
  • 2 times / 3.0h/week: €9.00/h (=€13.50/time)
  • 3 times / 4.5h/week: €8.00/h (=€12.00/time)

Depending on the training day, there are 18-19 training weeks in the autumn season, approx. 22 training weeks in the spring.

Benefits for competitive players:

Players who represented Smash in series operations in the 2023-2024 or 2024-2025 season in at least 6 matches will receive:

  • 15% discount on coaching fees
  • jersey benefit (a jersey at a special price with name printing)

More Information about Smash table tennis:

Ari Ahokas p. 040-5037460,

Applying for coaching groups is made in the TennisClub member service.

The application for the training season 2024-2025 starts on 26 April 2024 and ends on 22 July 2024.

Click on the application instructions below, depending on whether you are already involved in our activities or just becoming part of the Smash community!